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TLC - Kirksville

국     가 : 미국 지     역 : Missouri
전화번호 : 660-627-6001 팩스번호 : 660-627-6099
주     소 : Truman State University, Kirk Bldg. 120, 100 E. Normal Ave., Kirksville, Missouri 63501 USA
홈페이지 : http://www.thelanguagecompany.com/

학교정보 | Introduce

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학교설명 The Kirksville center embraces the TLC mission and vision which have helped celebrate over twenty-five years of instruction and interaction. English skills and innovative practice assist students attending TLC schools from around the world in the areas of university admission, career-building and language acquisition. Both everyday and academic English are emphasized in the consistent mission of providing immersive and challenging programs across the curriculum. Student services and learning opportunities are supported through the center’s host university, Truman State University (TSU).
학교특징 Students find that study abroad can be a reality. It is advisable that international students read a variety of sources on the topic to prepare for their experience and to add to in-class conversation. Weather changes, transportation needs, and everyday cultural occurrences all bear out the need for preparation. One example is that weather patterns change throughout the year:

Average temperature ranges*:
•February: 19-38 Fahrenheit (-7, 3 Approximate Celsius)
•May: 51-77 Fahrenheit (10, 25 Celsius)
•August: 63-85 Fahrenheit (17, 29 Celsius)
•November: 30-49 Fahrenheit (-1, 9 Celsius)
도시설명 The town of Kirksville, Missouri has a population of approximately 17,000. This number will vary depending on the number of students in town for academic classes. Kirksville is a college town with two major universities of higher learning with the renowned school of Osteopathy neighboring the prestigious and innovative Truman State University (TSU).

Thousand Hills State Park, west of Kirksville, provides an environment where students can enjoy water sports, fishing and paddle boating as well as sightseeing, swimming and cooking out in season. The geography of Kirksville places it nearly equal distances to three U.S. metropolitan cities: Kansas City, St. Louis, and Des Moines, IA, each of which services international flights. Aquatic and amusement parks, zoos, and museums are a part of recreational activities, depending on the metropolitan area. In addition, areas of cultural activity are available, such as those along the Mississippi River to Kirksville’s east in the towns of Quincy, Illinois and Hannibal, Missouri (historic home of Mark Twain). These towns as well as the Jefferson City/Columbia, Missouri area can be reached in 1 ½ to 2 hours by car.
학교시설 - 컴퓨터실

- 도서실
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가을 : 10.3 / -2
겨울 : 5 / -6

프로그램 | PROGRAM

Intensive English
The academic program is carefully designed to help you achieve your language learning goals.

- Placement test to accurately determine your starting level
- Thirteen four-week sessions per year
- The equivalent of one-hundred 50-minute lessons per session
- Unique, optional sixth hour daily at no extra cost
- Nine levels of instruction plus post-graduate courses

Classes meet Monday through Friday. Twenty-five 50-minute lessons are offered each week. Classes include structure and speaking, reading, writing, and electives, plus an optional sixth lesson each day for homework, lab, or test study.


1) Beginning - Levels 1, 2, and 3

When you complete Level 3, you will be able to:

- Communicate effectively in everyday situations
- Understand simple conversations with native speakers of English
- Write legibly and convey information in simple sentences
- Read graded material for beginners

2) Intermediate - Levels 4, 5, and 6

When you complete Level 6, you will be able to:

- Express yourself, orally and in writing, with ease and few structural errors on a full range of subjects
- Use the most common and important grammatical structures correctly
- Read and understand technical material in a familiar field
- Write clearly using the structures and vocabulary taught.

3) Advanced - Levels 7, 8, and 9

When you complete Level 9, you will possess the skills you will need in the academic or professional world. You will be able to:

- Function comfortably in any English-speaking environment
- Participate fully in conversations with very few restrictions
- Understand speakers in academic or professional settings
- Read and understand texts and technical papers
- Gather information from written and spoken sources and write reports in acceptable academic or professional form.

Please note: Levels may be combined at times depending on student enrollment and placement.


At intermediate and advanced levels, you can focus your English study by choosing electives. You can work on areas that interest you or practice skills that your advisor recommends before you attend the university. Please note: Not all electives are offered every session or at every institute, but you will have a choice of several.

- Vocabulary
- Idioms and Slang
- Conversation
- Language Laboratory
- Pronunciation
- American Culture Through Films
- Academic Skills Courses
- Current Events
- Advanced English Seminar
- Petroleum English
- American History and Government
- Business English
- Drama
- Listening
- Oral Presentation
- TOEFL Focus/ Preparation
- TOEICPreparation (by special arrangement only)
English for Professionals Program

1) Locations:

Available at TLC-Berkeley, Boston, Bowling Green, Chester, Edmond, Minot, Orlando, Shawnee, South Bend

2) Course Description:

These private, customized programs are designed for people who need specific English skills for business, but who have limited time to study. Participants can return to their jobs quickly after having mastered the necessary English skills. Programs can be designed to address the English needs in particular fields such as Petroleum English, English for the Telecommunications Industry, or English for Technology Business.

3) Features:

The benefits of the English for Professionals Program include:

- Individualized attention from a team of TLC’s most experienced instructors
- Up to 45 hours of one-on-one instruction per week
- A program designed for particular personal and professional needs
- Public school enrollment assistance for children of program participants if desired
- Field trips and/or university class visits
- Contacts with professionals in various professional fields
- Personal attention that helps students to learn professional English quickly and well
- Housing with either a host family, or a convenient apartment or hotel
- All arrangements made before you arrive


An executive who plans to participate in a TLC custom-designed one-on-one English program may attend two or more weeks. With a flexible daily schedule of up to eight hoursper day. TLC’s experienced instructors can target a business professional's needs and then choose any accommodations that best suits the business professional's individual preferences.

All instruction is in English. Professionals will have one or more highly qualified instructors. Curriculum may include standard business and language topics that are focused on individual requirements. The language skill areas are emphasized as requested and as determined during preliminary assessment interview sessions. They may include:

Oral skills, presentation skills, and vocabulary development are addressed through videotaped practice of speaking delivery for meetings and before groups and are supplemented by review with an instructor skilled in speech modification and public speaking.

Grammar and usage instruction is provided to help individuals use appropriate forms for different environments.

Listening instruction is designed to provide individuals the opportunity to practice listening as well as opportunities to listen to and self-evaluate personal speaking through technology.

A computer laboratory is available for practice with computer-assisted instruction and word processing software.

Finally, Reading and writing lessons will use materials and situations similar to those in real work environments.


This program follows the same pattern as the Executive One-on-One English program. Participants will have a lead instructor to guide them through the program which consists of a combination of both group and private instruction, and participants will enjoy a high degree of individualized attention at a very affordable cost. The aim of TLC lead instructors is to meet each participant’s individual needs.

1) The Family Plan

Approximately one-half of our English for Professionals clients bring their spouses and/or other family members with them. For this reason, TLC offers a special spouse scholarship and family discount program exclusively for the English for Professionals.

- The Spouse Scholarship: If a client attending an Executive English program is accompanied by a husband or wife, TLC will offer a full tuition scholarship to spouses wishing to enroll in our regular Intensive English program. Other program fees (which may include but not be limited to books, insurance, application fees, optional activities) are the responsibility of the student. In the event that an executive is accompanied by a child rather than a spouse, the tuition scholarship may be used for one child of the appropriate age.

- The Family Discount: For children of executives 12 years of age or older who accompany an executive, TLC offers a 25% discount off the tuition of our regular Intensive English program, or Study Vacation Program (when available) for teens. Other program fees (including but not limited to books, insurance, application fees, optional activities) are the responsibility of the student.

2) Dates:

Any of the English for Professionals offered by TLC can be arranged at your convenience.

3) Additional Information:

TLC has had the pleasure of working with many international companies including Petrobras, Pemex, Schlumberger, Rhone-Poulanc, Maraven, PDVSA, Lagoven, CONELCA, Vitro Cristal, Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc, United Nations, Tomen, America, Hilti, Laufen International, Telecom, Citgo, Hitachi, and Kerr McGee.

For further information, please contact the director of the TLC center you have selected.


Custom-designed English lessons may be developed and offered to multiple executives from the same company. For maximum effectiveness, the executives participating in the same lessons shall be of comparable English proficiency levels and be in the same area of specialty.

Executives with closely similar professional English needs and goals may attend two or more weeks with a flexible schedule of up to eight hours per day and choose any of the housing accommodations offered that best meet their needs. Professionals who plan to participate in the Executive Group English program are urged to begin on the same start date. Although they may choose to have different ending dates, The Language Company will offer substantial pricing incentives to companies sending multiple executives to our Executive Group English program.
Intensive English (Part-Time)
Available at TLC-Berkeley, Boston & Orlando!
English = 3 hours a day
Fun = 24 Hours a day

Learn English for three hours a day while traveling and having fun in U.S. cities. TLC will help you get the most of your trip to the United States!

You don’t need a special visa for this program. TLC will provide English lessons for three hours a day and you decide what to do the rest of the time. Of course, there are plenty of TLC activities available for you.

Learn English in the morning.
Use English the rest of the day.

If you want to brush- up your English skills at a relaxed pace and in a fun program, then this is for you. TLC’s qualified staff will help you improve your English and get to know American culture through planned activities and trips.

Short- Term Program
Long- Term Benefits

Listening and speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading and writing are all part of your learning experience. You will also receive a certificate of attendance when you attend this program.

You will learn more than English in TLC’s semi intensive program. Of course, your English will improve when you take advantage of this program. But it is more than just learning from the books, it is learning from culture and experience.
General English
Private Lessons (One-on-One)
Executive One-on-One
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